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Merino Wool Duvet


Why Merino for bedding?

Sheepskin products offer a wide range of advantages over similar commodities made from other materials. The secret lies in the breathability and layering of wool which helps to make you warm in the winter while remaining cool in summer months.

The warmth concept is easy to comprehend; the “cool is summer” slogan still puzzles many people today. Merino wool is a very breathable spring coil fibre which allows for a cool dry comfort.

It is also very absorbent which allows for cool and dry comfort summer long on a mattress cover, decor rug, baby lambskin, or medical rug. Merino fleece wool is layered and made for extremes; it is very breathable and light in the summer, and insulating through the winter.

All while being exceptionally soft and lightweight. Wool is also an environmentally and ethically responsible fibre. Natural production is completely sustainable and wool is naturally biodegradable.