We stock brand new beds here in Whistler, with same day delivery, so you can sleep better tonight! From economical foamies, to luxury hand made mattresses. We also carry 100% Natural Latex Mattresses  , box springs, bed frames, pillows, and sheet sets. SAME DAY DELIVERY! Call 604-938-4285 or email

“Koala” high density composite foam with a cotton poly cover. very durable. Firm with a 6″ depth. Sale Prices!
Twin $189.99
Double $279.99
Queen $289.99
King $399.99


Kingsdown “Legacy” double sided mattress works great in bunk beds and is an economical choice for a high quality sleep. Sale Prices!
Twin $299.99 (Reg $399.99)
Double $349.99 (Reg $499.99)
Queen $399.99 (Reg $599.99)
King $499.99 (Reg $699.99)
Kingsdown “Newport” Luxury Firm with Blu-Tek Gel visco and quilted wool. 9″ depth.
Sale Prices!
Twin $389.99 (Reg $499.99)
Double $469.99 (Reg $599.99)
Queen $549.99 (Reg $699.99)
King $799.99 ( Reg $999.99)


Sealy Posturepedic “Stardust II” Euro Pillow top. 644 Active Response Offset coils with foam encasement. Certipur healthy foams. Sale Prices!
Twin $499.99
Double $589.99
Queen $649.99
King $949.99



Kingsdown “Evans” 800 pocket coil with silk and hollo fibre. Luxury firm with a 12″ depth. Sale Prices!
Twin $499.99 (Reg $649.99)
Double $599.99 (Reg $799.99)
Queen $699.99 (Reg $899.99)
King $999.99 (Reg $1399.99)


Kingsdown “Tulip” Eurotop with 825 Pocket coils, Blu-Tek Gel Visco and silk andf hollo fibres. 13″depth with a medium feel. Sale prices!               Twin $529.99 (Reg $799.99)
Double $699.99 (Reg $899.99)
Queen $799.99 (Reg $1099.99)
King $1099.99 (Reg $1599.99)


Kingsdown “Roxston” Air flow surround 1140 Pocket coil, with Wool and hollo fibre, posturized Blu-Tek Gel Visco. Centre foam separation keeps motion transfer from disturbing your sleep. Firm with a 12″ depth.Sale prices!               Twin $699.99 (Reg $899.99)
Double $799.99 (Reg $999.99)
Queen $899.99 (Reg $1299.99)
King $1199.99 (Reg $1699.99)
Sealy Posturepedic “Gisbourne” Eurotop with 860 Proback pocket coils, silk and wool. 13″ depth with a Plush feel. Sale prices!         
Queen $1199.99 (Reg $1499.99)
King $1499.99 (Reg $1899.99)


Kingsdown “Devonshire” Eurotop with 2096 pocket coils The Devonshire Eurotop Plush Solo collection by Kingsdown offers luxurious comfort and conforming support. The center third portion of the mattress has 17% more coils to provide additional support where your body needs it the most. Kingsdown Latex Blu Response foam has been added to provide additional supportive comfort with cooling Gel added to help regulate the sleeper’s temperature for a more relaxed sleep.
• Airflow Surround Foam encased pocket coils offer true partner movement isolation
• Queen and King offer Kingsdown patented Motion Separation Foam with two independent support systems that isolate partner movement for a more restful night’s sleep.
• Quilted top: 22 oz. Silk and Hollo Fibre Blend, 1/2″ Gel Quilting Foam, 1/2″ High Density Foam, Latex Blu Response Foam
• Comfort Layers: 2″ Solid Firm Foam, (Firm), 2″ RaceTrack Convoluted LR16 Foam (Plush), Flexatron Support Pad
• Insulator: Flexatron Support Pad
• Mattress is 14″ High, Box Spring is 9″ High
• 100% Polyester
• Twin: 990 Pocket Coils, Double: 1402 Pocket Coils, Queen:1650 Pocket Coils, King: 2096 Pocket Coils
• 10 years total limited warranty
• Made in Canada
Why is Kingsdown Blu-Tek the coolest bed in the world?
• An industry first solution to horizontal and vertical air flow inside the mattress
• Pro Support Engineered Foam Working Core for personalized support
• Airflow comfort layers and gel-infused memory foam with air flow channels
• Phase change gel
• Ventilated fabrics and edge support system
• Industry leading quality control testing
Sale prices! Twin $999.99 (Reg $1299.99)
Double $1299.99 (Reg $1599.99)
Queen $1599.99 (Reg $1999.99)
King $1799.99 (Reg $1999.99)

SAME DAY DELIVERY! Call 604-938-4285 or email

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